Friday, 11 December 2015

Day 11 - Ho! Ho! Ho! (Who'd be a Turkey at Christmas) - Elton John

Of course, 'Step Into Christmas' - covered elsewhere on the Calendar by The Wedding Present - but this is what was on the 'B' side of Elt's 1973 Christmas song and I guarantee that many won't have heard it at all and the former Mr Dwight has probably never played it beyond that one recording session. 

I must admit I've a bit of a soft spot for it though and it was a big hit in Blagg Acres back in the day when a young Blagg quite excited when I slipped it onto the juke box.

As you take a listen and see if you can spot the Watford reference, you'll be astonished to learn this and the A side only reached 24 in the UK charts. I suspect Elton's made his money back on it since  though.

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