Saturday, 12 December 2015

Day 12 - Christmas is Cancelled - The Long Blondes

A Christmas shopping day for many, so here's the Calendar's very own two for the price of one. 

Back in 2008, Sheffield's Long Blondes delivered a Christmas Song via Elvis Costello's 'Oliver's Army' - unintentionally or not I can't tell - regaling the tragic tale of the Significant Other who left one Boxing Day to move in elsewhere only to return a year later and expect to pick things up where they left off.

The last thing I expected / Was to come and find you knocking at my door / Waiting for a treat in Christmas stockings ( how shocking) / Don't take you jacket off this is not you home / Just raise you glass to two more people spending Christmas day alone

Then in 2011, Northern Ireland's Synth pop duo The Vichy Government produced their own version of 'Christmas is Cancelled' embracing the fact that the tune really belongs to Mr Macmanus - even quoting the 'I would rather be anywhere else' from 'Oliver's Army' at one point - but adding their own stamp on the proceedings in a dystopian finale in which everyone suffers.

Track down that version here: 

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