Saturday, 19 December 2015

Day 19 - How to Make Gray - Paul Kelly

In my nine years of doing these Calendars I doubt there's been a single year where someone hasn't suggested this track, many citing it as their favourite Christmas song and most wiping away a tear along the way.

It tells the story of Joe, ringing his brother Dan from prison to tell him how sorry he is he won't be there for the festive season. Joe reminisces as he wishes the family well, advises his brother on how to make the gravy for which the incarcerated man is renowned and, as an aside, asks Dan not to get off with his wife when he's dancing to Junior Murvin.

But you know what? Try as I might, I just don't get it. Is it an Antipodean thing?  I can be as lachrymose as the next big blubbering baby at Christmas but this goes right over my 6ft and rising head.

Still, if this Calendar does nothing it at least throws the net wide so this is for everyone who loves it and Merry Christmas to ya too.

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