Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Day 2 - Christmas Day - MxPx

This would have found its way onto the calendar years ago but for a bit of misdirection on an old cassette tape - there's a reference for the kids! - which led me to think this was a Green Day track. 

After fruitless seasons of unsuccessful hunting for the non-existent Green Day song, I eventually chanced upon the real offenders - MxPx - a Washington based band who released this track on 2009's Punk Rawk Christmas album.

This excellent seasonal offering drives along in the manner you'd expect from the U.S purveyors of punk but contains a touching message around the 'A Little Goes A Long Way' chorus.

The snow outside covers the ground / And as I watch it falling down / I think of her, so far away / And how much I like to be with her / On Christmas Day

Just big softies really...

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