Friday, 25 December 2015

Day 25 - Our First Christmas - Alexander O'Neal

As I like to remind everyone every year; the Calendar isn't a 'Best of' or a 'Countdown' and track 25 may just be selected on the day out of a handful of songs. Sometimes something nudges the final track in a particular direction though and this year it was a fantastic coincidence. 

Alexander O'Neal's Christmas offering from 1988's 'My Gift to You' album was always one of the tracks I had on a list and I was on YouTube a couple of days ago looking for the best download and I found that a good Internet friend Vinny - a fellow West Ham blogger who has helped me out at times on ESPN and who'd I'd emailed just a week ago - had actually put this up in 2007. He'd never mentioned it and I never knew.

Even better, further investigation revealed Vinny used to run a web site and My Space page for O'Neal. The chances of this are wonderfully remote, it confirmed 'Our First Christmas' as this year's Christmas Day track and you can find Vinny's download here Vinny's YouTube Download .

Although ultimately, just to spoil the story a little bit, I decided to go for a version that just showed the vinyl going round on it, that was eventually pulled by YouTube in one of their odd purges so I'm proud to present Vinny's download here.

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