Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Day 8 - Cold, Cold Feet - Sofia Talvik

Sophia Talvik is a Swedish Singer / Songwriter who pens songs in the Americana style and she has been hanging around the periphery of the calendar for a number of years. The reason? Well, ideally for us, Ms Talvik releases a free Christmas song for download every year.

I’ll be honest I find these are of varying quality and talk of Sofia as a new Joni Mitchell taking on themes of the everyman like Bruce Springsteen seem a little steep to me, but some will undoubtedly be charmed by the folky quirkiness of the songs and we all know what the Swedes are like for a pop tune.

As the calendar often picks up older songs it seemed sensible to use this year’s Christmas download ‘Cold, Cold Feet’ as an example of Talvik’s oeuvre but ‘Christmas’, ‘A Carol for the Lonely’, ‘One Last Wish for Christmas’ and ‘A Berlin Christmas Tale’ – among several others – can be visited on YouTube or from her website at http://sofiatalvik.com/ and are worth checking out.

Better still, you can visit next year and next… See? The Blagg Calendar; the gift that keeps on giving.

Update: Keeps giving indeed! After posting the link to this song on FaceBook, the fragrant Ms Talvik contacted me to thank me for promoting her songs. Bless! 

At the time of writing I have heard nothing from either Elvis or Sinatra...

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